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Tank-containers delivery by railway

We carry out the dispatch of bulk cargo in tank containers by rail both one way and with empty return in round-trip mode.


Services include:

  • Sea freight

  • Acceptance of tank containers in ports

  • Organization of a full cycle of transportation by rail

  • Providing specialized tank containers

  • Providing heavy platforms

  • Full package of railway documentation

  • Customs clearance at border stations

  • Payment railway tariffs along the entire route

  • Payment of shipping company fees

  • Cargo inspection

  • Transportation insurance

  • Daily cargo tracking

  • Cleaning of containers if necessary


By rail, it is possible to transport all types of ISO tank containers, including 20 ’, 23’ (swap-body), 30 ’.


We organize the return of empty containers after unloading or the dispatch of containers according to the instructions of the owner for loading another cargo or cleaning. It is also possible to send empty containers for loading export cargo.


Our company cooperates with several operators and owners of tank containers. This allows our customers to receive competitive rates for the transportation of bulk cargo.


Transportation of goods in tank containers is the most convenient and cheapest way to deliver liquid cargo, including dangerous goods of classes 2 and 3.

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