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Project cargo and industrial goods by railway

Delivery of project cargo by railway, including industrial equipment, spare parts and accessories for the oil and gas, chemical, energy and other industries such as drilling equipment, drill and casing pipes, compressors, generators, steel rolls shafts, etc.


Services include:

  • Providing railways transport corresponding to specific cargo

  • Loading and lashing according to specialized lashing schemes

  • Full package of railway documentation

  • Customs clearance at border stations

  • Registration of a transit license across the EU.

  • Payment of railway tariffs along the entire route

  • Cargo inspection

  • Carriage insurance

  • Daily cargo movement tracking


Sending project cargoes by rail in most cases is more profitable than road transport, mainly due to the possibility of combining lots and transport units.


Before shipment, a detailed analysis of the cargo is carried out with a view to the correct placement of cargo in wagons and compliance with railway safety requirements.


When planning, all the features of the cargo and customer requirements regarding lashing, delivery time are taken into account.

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