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Oversized and heavy-lift cargo by railway

Railway Logistics Service provides a full range of services for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo by rail in the ports of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.



The company provides the following forwarding services for oversized and heavy cargo:

  • Cargo Acceptance

  • Unloading from containers, vehicles and ships

  • Handling by rail

  • Provision of rolling stock

  • Coordination of transportation with railway administrations

  • Development and coordination of lashing schemes

  • Lashing operations

  • Arrangement of a full package of railway documentation

  • Customs procedures

  • Payment of all station expenses

  • Payment of all freight charges by rail

  • Ensuring unhindered border crossing

  • Providing convoy if necessary

  • Daily cargo tracking


In addition, we accept oversized cargo in the ports of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania for further shipment by sea.


Oversized cargo transportation is one of the most difficult types of rail transportation, requiring careful planning and a unique approach in each case.


Our company has many years of experience in organizing the transportation of this type of cargo. When planning transportation, we take into account the specifics of each specific cargo, and on this basis we choose the best vehicle. Close cooperation with engineers, the selection of the appropriate cargo terminal and the competent combination of cargo packages can significantly optimize transportation costs.


Compared to road transport, oversized transportation by railway has a number of advantages:

  • The cost of transportation is much cheaper

  • There is no need for a piloting

  • Approval of transportation is greatly simplified

  • Fast border crossing


Oversized and heavy cargo transportation is carried out on a specialized or universal rolling stock - on platforms of various models, in gondola cars or on transporters.


The cost of transportation is calculated for each cargo separately. For correct and prompt calculation, you need to provide

  • weight,

  • sizes

  • photographs and drawings, if any.

  • cargo description or customs code


It is important to know that the price of transportation significantly depends on the level of oversized cargo, which in turn is determined based on the shape and size of the cargo. If necessary, employees of our Company can go directly to the place of production or deployment of cargo for measurements.


Oversized cargo transportation up to 500 tons is allowed by rail. Cargo should not exceed the following dimensions:

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